Anika Abroad: Switzerland Edition

Guten Morgen/Hallo/Bonjour!


I am officially loving Europe 🙂 I actually wrote this blog post last week on the train from Lausanne (Switzerland) to Paris, but did not take my laptop on my travels so unfortunately could not post!


My flight from Sydney to Zurich was smooth, and I ended up getting the whole row to myself, meaning a solid sleep. I even visited the butterfly garden in Singapore airport, which made for a very cool stopover.


The first few days: Zurich, catching up with family and daily swims in the river


My Uncle was there to collect me from the airport in Zurich, and we made our way to his home to have some coffee. After settling down into my room, we headed out in to the city. The architecture is amazing. We went for a swim in the local river in the afternoon, which definitely seems like the hip thing to do in Zurich (and it’s perfect for the 30-degree weather).


The river

The next day, we visited a Quar-Tierhoff (a local farm) where my Uncle helps out occasionally. It’s about 10 minutes from the city and there are goats, horses and rabbits. We also visited the Zurich museum which has some really cool interactive exhibits, and a great boutique shop. Again, we went for a swim in the river in the afternoon. The river is a wonderful place to people watch.


La Montagnes – St Luc, Vals D’Annivers


After becoming acquainted with Zurich, we headed off to St. Luc – an incredible village in the Swiss alps. It is a French speaking area, unlike Zurich where they speak Swiss German. Boy oh boy, is it beautiful – the mountains and the hotels and houses.

View from the hotel

From the village, you can catch the fernicular up to start one of many spectacular walks in the mountains. On Saturday, we caught the fernicular and made our way to Hotel Weisshorn which was built in 1882 and sits at 2337m. The mountains are filled with pretty alpine flowers, and you can often hear the sounds of the cows and their bells. It was basically like walking in a postcard. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking.

Taking in the scenery
Swiss alps
A postcard (not really)

On Sunday, we took the chairlift from Chandolin and walked the Chenegouga trail, which featured 4 beautiful lakes nestled in the mountains. The backdrop, is of course, many more mountains. As I said, it’s honestly spectacular. I also went for a swim in Lac Noir (2501m), much to the surprise of the other walkers. The water was too nice not to, and it wasn’t even that cold!


Swimming in Lac Noir


We also saw a real life marmot, in the field between Illsee (2360m) and Waschsee (2419m). I have decided that these are like kiwi in New Zealand. I think they are pretty rare to see, but you can sometimes hear them if you listen close. I whipped out my camera just in time, and managed to take a few photos! Woo-hoo.

Hello my marmot friend

Other noteworthy points:

  • The food has been amazing. Our breakfasts were buffet-style, with a selection of fresh breads, eggs, cereals, fresh fruit and meats and cheese. It’s safe to say, I went to town. Also on Sunday night, I had a really good meal ft duck, mashed potato (so gooood) and vegetables.


Some more photos:

Hotel Weisshorn (as mentioned earlier)
Alpine chicken?!


Anyway, that’s enough from me. For more photos, check out my Instagram or Facebook 🙂


Up next on the blog: Paris, a castle and the South of France.



Affectionately Yours,

Anika X