After some full-on weeks of study, R (my adventure partner x s/o) and I spent a weekend away visiting the Hunter Valley region. This is a solid drive from Canberra (about 4 hours) so we decided to break up the trip with a pit-stop in Bowral, a lovely town in the Southern Highlands, NSW.

Even if you have only just come across my blog and read through a post or two, you probably realise how much I love brunch. With this deep love comes the need to scope out the latest and greatest cafes, which is why I have had my eye on The Press Shop for quite some time now.


This café is a must for those who love aesthetically pleasing surroundings. There are brick walls, painted white. There are large windows, letting in all the natural light your heart desires. There is a hint of greenery on every table. And the coffee… it was A+.

Sidenote: I wish I had taken a photo of the entrance because it is absolutely gorgeous, but I guess you’ll have to go there and see for yourself!


Not only does this cafe serve great coffee and delicious food (I had the vegetable breakky wrap which I can highly recommend), but you can also pick up some trendy stationery (including Kate Spade – drool) or a handmade card or two from Bespoke Letterpress.

In fact, I realised that I had previously bought a few Bespoke Letterpress birthday cards for various people from Harry Hartog Bookseller. What a coinkydink.

As mentioned on The Press Shop’s website, ‘our space is an accumulation of our design studio, print studio, letterpress stationery store and café all contained within the one beautiful space’… and really, it does not disappoint.
After you have had your fill of coffee and nibbles, walk down the street past the beautiful boutiques towards Green Lane. As you walk through the gates at Green Lane, you are greeted by greenery billowing out of The Orangery, part of The Potting Shed. There are many glorious plants for sale (cacti, succulents – you name it), alongside beautiful vintage pots and all the accessories a gardener could imagine.


When you continue down the lane, you find yourself in a courtyard – a courtyard in which dreams are made of. There is greenery everywhere, and so many places to explore. We ducked into Dirty Janes – an emporium full of all things vintage/antique. We could have spent hours here, wandering through the 75+ dealers in the incredibly large warehouse – but alas, we had places to be.

I left R at one of the stores to hunt through vinyls, and wandered through the rest of the warehouse, eyeing off all the vintage clothes and antiques on offer (including old designer jewellery, books and old cameras). Perhaps once I know more about film cameras, I’ll return and buy one of these beauties!


After I had covered most of the stores, and R most of the vinyls (see below for the happy vinyl collector), we decided to continue on our way… but that is a blog post for another time.



Affectionately Yours,

Anika x